Currently, an average of 51% of registered small businesses do not have a website. This is a significantly huge number and a really sad statistic because almost 80% of these businesses make use of Social Media as a marketing strategy.

Well, did you know that having a website is a key part of marketing efforts for any brand? Take for instance this hypothetical scenario, a consumer is looking for an outfit urgently within a new area of residence. Since she barely has time to visit the physical shops within the area and she wants to have an idea of what is available, she goes on social media and searches for clothes shops within the specified area. A few options pop up and having lost money before to a social media page that was basically a con; she does a quick background check to ascertain the credibility of these businesses. She therefore goes on to search for websites of these businesses to confirm the credibility of these establishments. Out of 5 shops, she can only find a website for one; your guess is as good as mine on where she spent her money.

The above scenario sheds light on one of the key reasons as to why every business needs a website. Having a website helps to establish and sustain the credibility of a business. A website creates the impression that yours is a trusted establishment that can be assumed to be successful in the market. By virtue, this sets apart businesses increasing their value and market share. According to research, consumers trust businesses with websites more than those without and consider this to be a guaranteed measure of credibility and trustworthiness. This is because a website provides a wealth of information to consumers answering most of their questions 24 hours a day.

Equally from the above scenario, and from research, with online marketing being increasingly popular, a lot of purchase decisions begin with a search engine search of websites. To be precise, a whopping 88% of purchase decisions begin on a website and this therefore means that a s a business without a website, you are most probably selling to just 12% of the market.

Websites are a perfect tool for quality lead generation at a considerably low cost per impression. If well done with all relevant information clearly laid out and with ease of navigation, websites help in bringing in sales for brands without the input/interaction between a company representative and a potential client. This not only increases revenue from the business but in the long run it helps recover every single plus some more of what was spent in the process of developing the website. Basically, having a website guarantees your business a high and positive return on investment. This becomes extra effective if the website is optimized to drive sales.

These are just but a few reasons as to why businesses require a website. I dare say that having a business website leads to the growth of a business in all aspects. And of course, having a website cannot be the only strategy that a business uses to market itself and increase revenue. It is important to explore other marketing strategies in collaboration with online marketing to increase the effectiveness of the marketing efforts.

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