Advertising is the production of marketing content for commercial products or services for different brands. It is a very fundamental part of our economic and social life and a necessary technique of promoting sales and creating awareness of a brand. There are different types of advertisements such as outdoor advertising, broadcast advertising, print advertising, mobile advertising and social media advertising. Brands choose whatever method is favorable to them depending on their finances, time, company objectives and their target market.

Brand advertising is a form of advertising which helps create connections and build strong, long term relationships with consumers’ over time. Brand advertising helps brands to; create awareness, drive sales and traffic to a brand, stay relevant to customers, influence buyers throughout the buying cycle, reach new customers just to name a few. These are just but a few of the reasons why every brand should consider advertising.

Advertising helps create and increase awareness of a brand. This strategy is designed to increase consumer familiarity with your brand’s overall message and the services or products it offers. Through advertising a vast number of people are able to know about a brand and what it deals in; this is especially paramount for a brand seeking to increase brand awareness as it is penetrating into a new market. Increasing brand awareness through advertising ensures for top of mind awareness amongst a brand’s target audience; hence leading to increased consideration and conversion any time customers want to make a purchase.

Driving traffic to a brand is also a key reason as to why brands opt to advertise. When advertisements run repeatedly, it builds traffic to the brand as the public is constantly reminded of the brand, the messaging and its attributes. With this, the brand is able to generate great and increased sales by exploiting the purchasing power of their customers. Advertising also induces loyalty and increases brand consideration in the customers. Constant advertising triggers emotional conditioning among customers and therefore forging brand loyalty in the customers as they would now consider a brand’s product every time they are in the purchase process.

Lastly, advertising adds value to brand’s products/services. This enables them to favorably battle it out with their competitors in the market. They would want to be unique in a way to make them preferred to the rest thus improving on their product/service offering. This makes different brands go out of their way, be creative and find ways to improve their product. For example, a detergent would introduce enhancements such as bleach and perfume to tackle their competitors in the market. This in return adds value to the product and increases its competitive advantage.

In order for a brand to stay relevant in the market, there is need for constant and consistent advertising. This way brands are able to survive in the market for a long time without collapsing or facing difficulties in penetrating through the market niche.