Outdoor advertising, also known as out-of-home advertising is a type of advertising accessed and experienced outdoors. Forms of outdoor advertising include; digital advertising media which incorporates stand-alone screens, screens on buildings, programmatic advertising media and printed advertising media which consists of static and inflatable billboards, transit media and walking billboards.

 Research reports show that outdoor advertising’s media share in the advertising sector has been on an upward scale year by year and has quickly become a crucial advertising channel after broadcast and print media. People spend most of their time outdoors hence creating room for advancement and development in the outdoor advertising arena. In first world countries, outdoor advertising has maintained an annual growth rate and has become amongst the first choices for brands looking for advertising solutions.

The innovation of outdoor advertising media is extensive and embodied in many aspects. Generally, innovation in outdoor advertising is mainly characterized by advancement in technology, improvement of advertising carriers and innovative marketing strategies.

Technology is at the center of outdoor advertising and the driving force for the constant development of the media. The key to the success of outdoor advertising lies in technological innovation as the primary productive force. The technological innovation of outdoor advertising media is reflected in the combination of the media and technology with an output that exudes creativity and out of the box thinking. Technological innovation, makes full use of network technology, conducting information through fast transmission, advertising publicity and helps achieve all kinds of information sharing and interaction. In addition to network technology innovation, there is also editing and production technology innovation to produce more elegant and creative outdoor advertising works.

Advertisements using the outdoor media should be creative and appealing in a way to attract the attention of its audience, this is a marketing strategy. Innovative outdoor advertising begins with a game changing marketing strategy. This entails new ideas in the marketing mode, a positive and effective marketing mode, constant change in the concept development and way of thinking, and excellence in marketing planning innovation with the intention of serving and facilitating the consumers.

Innovation of advertising carriers, advertisement carriers is the channel through which the message is delivered to various audiences. In outdoor advertising media, there are a variety of advertising carriers such as; micro electronic display screen, large display screen, light emitting diode (LED) electronic outdoor screens, outdoor liquid crystal display (LCD) advertising machines and outdoor electronic newspaper columns. Outdoor advertising media producers generally choose the appropriate communication carriers according to their financial, reachability and reliability status so as to integrate the advertising content with the advertising carrier. To make the carrier become part of the advertising, highlight the theme and appeal point of the advertising to make outdoor advertising the most effective. The media producers should make full use of the role of advertising carriers, so that the innovation in outdoor advertising media is of significance thus making it easily recognized and used by the audience.

In conclusion, there are a lot more types of outdoor advertising media and there is also a growing choice of advertising carriers to spread outdoor advertising. This greatly promotes the development of outdoor advertising and has an important impact on people’s lifestyle and consumption view. The development of outdoor advertising media not only lies in the several advertising carriers but also in the innovation aspects aiming to attract and retain the attention of consumers. In order to develop the outdoor advertising sector faster and make it better, we must insist on innovation and creativity.