There are very many execution options for Outdoor Advertising, Transit advertising/media is one of these options. In transit advertising, promotional information (adverts) are placed in, on or around modes of public transport. These modes include: buses, trains, taxis or street furniture. What sets, this type of advertising, apart from other forms of outdoor advertising is the fact that it offers a far greater reach and access to wider audience leading a to high customer brand recall as your brand is always ‘on the move.’

Sticker Ride is an innovative transit advertising solution created by Adnest Africa for the Kenyan market. This is the first programmatic car branding platform in East Africa, a frontier in innovation in outdoor advertising in Kenya. This platform offers vehicle owners an opportunity to earn extra money by using their vehicles as canvases for brand advertisements. With a fleet of over 700 signed up vehicles, this platform has been consistently delivering brand stories to millions of people countrywide.

So how does this platform work once a brand chooses to use it for outdoor advertising? Through the Sticker Ride phone application, an advertising campaign is launched; then Brand Ambassadors (registered motor vehicle owners/drivers) after receiving the campaign launch prompt, apply to participate in the campaign. A vetting and selection process then commences after which stickers with promotional messaging are applied on qualified vehicles. The cars are then released to drive around designated locations creating advertising reach.

This platform allows for advertisers to control and monitor their campaigns on the platform in real time. This enables them to also measure the effectiveness of the campaigns, an attribute that sets Sticker Ride apart from other transit advertising service providers. In addition to this, brands are also able to ensure that their audiences are reached effectively and appropriately through geo fencing on the mobile application. Brands can also use this platform to execute unique advertising strategies such as vehicle flash mobs which not only generates interest but helps to increase association and brand awareness.

Transit media has become a popular way of advertisement worldwide because of the benefits it offers to advertisers. It is cost effective as the reach is wide yet the cost of advertising per consumer is relatively low; this translates to brands achieving set marketing targets without spending a fortune. Transit advertisements cannot be switched off, neither can they be ignored; this guarantees exposure since there are no roads without public transport/vehicles.The fact that vehicles carry one brand’s advert at any given time means that advertisers have exclusivity on the advertisement space over a longer period of time compared to other advertising channels.

It is recommended to combine transit advertising with other channels such as static billboards that are anchored for maximum reach, resonance and effectiveness.